MORZINE European Team Championships

Spartan Team Championships 2018

This year, Spartan relaunches Spartan Team Championships.
Program :

  • A series of events to qualify for the Spartan Team World Championship at Tahoe Lake (see table below)
  • The Spartan Team European Championship in Morzine (free access without qualification) which will crown the 3 best European teams
  • The Spartan Team World Championship at Lake Tahoe (registration via qualification) which will crown the 3 best World team

MORZINE European Team Championships

Morzine will be the venue of the Spartan Team European Championships.

For the first time, teams of 3 will compete for two things:

  • The title of Spartan Team European Champion
  • Qualification to take part in the Spartan World Team Championship

Spartan Team European Championships more infos :

  • A Spartan Super Team Race
  • A place : Morzine 8th July
  • Teams by gender, 3 MENS OR 3 WOMEN ONLY
  • Teams by nationality, passport or identity doc required
  • No presets, anyone can register, there is no team limitation for a country
  • Participants can register separatly or at the same time, but it’s mandatory to have a team of 3 per gender. The Team is mandatory in order to take part in the event. If you register at the same time, you are automatickly in the same team. The first registrant needs to create the team, if you register after him, you need to follow this process to join the team.
  • The time of the team will be the average of the three times
  • The three participants must finish with a maximum of 1 minute difference between the first and the third of the team
  • No help is allowed except for the obstacles that will be specified
  • There is no specific identification for the team, the banner must be visible at all times of the race

Special Information at Morzine European Team Championships

Schedule :

  • Departure European Team Men: Sunday 8th July: 8:00
  • Departure European Team Women: Sunday 8th July: 8:15

Bibs pick up :

  • From Friday 6th July (2pm) place to confirm via email

Rules :

  • The rules are the same as Elites or Age Group races with the possibility of mutual help on certain obstacles that will be specified before race

Qualifications for the event :

  • No qualifications, registrations are free

Any questions ? Please check first our FAQ’sHERE or contact us via

Qualifying event for Spartan Team World Championships at Lake Tahoe :

This event qualifies for the Spartan Team World Championship at Lake Tahoe.